Here at Prestige Keys, we offer a commission service for the Australia Region. Not overseas due to logistic issues and shipping prices.

The Prices for a Keyboard Assembly commission:

60/65% | $20AUD

75% | $30AUD

TKL+ | $40AUD

Addition of Switch Lube Service (exclusive to keyboard assembly commission customers)

70 Switches | $20AUD

90 Switches | $27.50AUD

110 Switches | $35AUD

 Filmed Switches | +$8 Flat


What Does The Keyboard Assembly Commission service offer?

The Keyboard Assembly commission service serves a vast range of keyboards but please note: Hotswap or Soldered PCB Accepted (No hand wired builds). We do not provide a desoldering service. We do offer spring swapping and filming however, they must be supplied by the customer.


What do you need to supply?

You as the customer needs to supply all of the products to build a keyboard such as the kit - PCB, Plate (optional for plate less build), case, switches (Include 3 extra switches in case of manufacture issue), stabilisers, and the necessary parts needed to build the specific unit. You do not need to supply a soldering iron or lubricants, that is provided within the commission cost. Switch lubing is exclusive to 205g0, 3203 and GPL 105 oil, XHT-BDZ is used on the wires.


How do you ship to us?
To ship to us, ship using AusPost to a Post Office box stated once order is placed.


How do I Place My Order?

Please reach out to us through email:

Once your order is placed, Prestige Keys will reach out to you through E-Mail and confirm details.


I have questions, who do I ask?

Please E-mail