Can I edit or cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel/edit an in-stock order (All products in the order must be instock), please contact us before your order is shipped. Refunds and edits will not be provided to orders that have already been shipped.

Group buy, lubricants and pre orders cannot be refunded.

You can also only cancel your order with includes group buy product by the end of the buy period. No orders can be refunded or cancelled after the groupbuy period.


How long will my order take to arrive?

Orders will be fulfilled within approximately 5 business days. Shipping time is subject to the approximate estimations provided during checkout.

For Groupbuy/Pre-Order products, the shipping time is listed on the product page.


What is a group buy [GB]?

A group buy (often abbreviated to GB) is a form of financing for a project. Lets face it... keyboards are expensive, so purchasing a lot of inventory is often met with substantial risk, so the group buy method is used. By placing your order, you help finance the project to help us meet the MOQ (minimum order quantity). Then, we get the products manufactured, QC them, and then we send them off to you!