Groupbuy Updates

Gateron Cream Soda

- Awaiting end of groupbuy.

- GB Ended, awaiting Gateron to send invoices.

- Switches are now in production. Estimated Arrival, December 2022.

- Switches are being shipped out from Gateron!

- Switches have arrived. Currently being packed and fulfilled.

- Switches have been fulfilled, switches have now been handed over to Australia Post!

Saevus Cor

- Awaiting end of groupbuy,

- GB ended, awaiting final count of units.

- MOQ Met. Awaiting designer's instructions.

- Final numbers have been counted, awaiting start of production.


Pre-Order Red Jacket 2.0

- Inventory has been purchased and manufacturing is taking place.

- Switches Arrived at warehouse.

- 'PRE-ORDERS' have been shipped out. Extra Inventory available as In-Stock switches, available here.