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KNC Keys

Red Jacket 2.0 Switches (X35)

Red Jacket 2.0 Switches (X35)

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We did it... We found a switch that stays true to the Red Jacket. What makes the Red Jacket (OG) so special, was the cherry-esk sound signature and factory hand-lube. The Red Jacket 2.0 does not quite have the same sound signature but offers a new and intriguing sound, all while being buttery smooth stock. Don't believe us? Stay tuned for reviews and the opinions of others.


What's included in the box?
  • Themed Box
  • 35 Red Jacket 2.0 Switches
Red Jacket 2.0 Specs:
  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Top Housing: UC Nylon
  • Bottom Housing: UC Nylon
  • Stem: HPE
  • Spring Length: 18mm, Double Stage
  • Spring Weight: 60g
  • Actuation Force: 52g
  • Travel Distance: 3.5mm
  • Pin Configuration: 5 Pin
  • Factory Lubed? Yes

Now an In-Stock switch!

Photo Credit: Clackbait

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