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[GB] NotFromSam S65/80 V2 Extra Parts

[GB] NotFromSam S65/80 V2 Extra Parts

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Group Buy Dates

Start Date - Monday 1st May 2023

End Date -  Saturday 20th May 2023


US: Keebforall
US: Dangkeebs
UK: MechMods
PH: Zion Studios
EU: Deltakeyco
AU: Prestige Keys
TH: Gamingplanet

Manufacturing Lead Time Disclaimer

Quoted manufacturing lead time of Q3 2023 following Group Buy completion and order submission to the manufacturer. Please note that group buy lead times are estimates only and it is possible that manufacturing lead times will extend. Unexpected issues and delays can happen at every stage of the process. It should also be noted that due to the significant weight of this product, shipment times are volatile and may add an additional 1-2 Months to the expected customer delivery date.

Colour Disclaimer

The renders are for reference only. Please check the actual photos, color reference image and color chips on this page for a more accurate representation of what the final colors will look like. We've tried including as many photos of actual units to give you a sense of the final colors. The factory will try their best to match the color chips pictured in this page, but even then there may be slight variations between what you see here and what the final unit will look like.

QC Disclaimer

There may be tiny scratches or dents inside the keyboard case that are not visible when the keyboard is fully built. There may be tiny, slight blemishes in spots that are only seen in certain angles. These are normal and within the quality acceptance.

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